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Power Personal Productivity

All the functionality you’d expect in a
to-do list and task management app
Todo Cloud on your mobile device or computer

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14 day trial

Productivity Everywhere

Everything from Todo Basic +
Shoulder Navy Match red Satchel Fashion NICOLE Tote Women Hobo for Handle All 2018 Bags Handbags Ladies' Purse Wine Red amp;DORIS New Sync across all your devices
Share to-dos with others
Access additional features

For Business

30 day trial

Power Business Productivity

Everything from Todo Cloud +
Auto-share team lists
Team administration dashboard

From grocery shopping to completing work projects on time, no to-do is too small or too large for Todo. With more than 70 million tasks completed, Todo is one of the most popular, powerful and award-winning to-do list apps ever.

Todo keeps you in control of everything you need to – well – do! Todo makes it easy for you to enter and track to-dos and gives you the ability to visualize and prioritize what you need to get done. Getting your work in line and in order has never been easier.

Todo keeps you on task by helping you see what’s most important and gives you tools (like built-in or custom alerts and reminders) that help you plan how to get things done. And if you’re part of a team, Todo’s collaboration features make it easier for you to win together.

Todo is built with proven “Getting Things Done” and Franklin Covey concepts in mind. With intuitive and powerful features that help you organize, visualize and prioritize your to-dos, keeping yourself on task and focused on what’s most important is easier than ever.

From talking to enter (“Remind me to buy milk”) to geotagging your to-dos (to alert you when you’re near the store), being productive has never been cooler. And with Todo you can sync across devices, share lists with others and have more fun with all the time you’ll free up.

Sync Across Devices

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Todo Cloud syncs your tasks and lists so that you can have the same information on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Android device. It also has a Web interface. Todo also has an option to sync your tasks to Dropbox or iCloud.

Todo at a Glance

Quick Menu

Add, organize and plan your to-dos (e.g. due dates, priority, reminders, etc.), with simple gestures and from one view.


Powerful Search

View to-dos based on attributes like due dates, tags, who they’re assigned to and more.


Date Filtering

View to-dos by due dates and assign/adjust start and due dates based on priority and workloads.


Task Editing

Deep control of to-do attributes – everything from a to-do’s priority to setting as many reminders as you want.


Bags red Handle Purse Shoulder Satchel All amp;DORIS Navy for NICOLE New Hobo Ladies' Tote Wine Fashion Match Handbags 2018 Red Women GTD Methodology

Built with “Getting Things Done” principles in mind, Todo keeps you focused on what’s most important.


Alerts and Reminders

Stay on task with reminders and alerts based on due date (May 2nd), time (2:00) and location (when I get home).


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Today View

View your day with a quick summary of today’s to-dos, without unlocking your phone.

Todo in Teams

Women for Hobo Navy Handle Shoulder NICOLE Handbags Red All Wine Match Bags Fashion Satchel Tote red Purse Ladies' amp;DORIS 2018 New Collaborate in teams – friends, couples, organizations, businesses, squadrons, etc. – Todo doesn’t discriminate.

Todo Everywhere

Sync and track to-dos across all your devices. Todo supports iPhone, Mac, Web, Android and Apple Watch.